Of Defiance and Starlight

  “Sam struggled with his own weariness, and he took Frodo’s hand; and there he sat silent till deep night fell.”   …till deep night fell. I know those words. I know that world. Another friend is sick, not with a cold. How many more loved ones will face this? How many deaths must we … [Read More]

Of Tantrums and Tiger Eyes

  “We all do it. We may think we’re better than that, but every Adult is really still just a 5 year-old with a wallet and a key ring.” My pride wells up. No way. Not me. Come on, there’s a bit more maturity in me than a 5 year-old. “At some point or another, … [Read More]

On Loneliness

  Of all the unspoken words in the wild world of language, few quiet a conversation as quickly as “lonely,” “loneliness,” and “alone,” especially when preceded with a confessional “I am…” The utterance of such brings a stillness into a conversation, whether one from empathy or from awkwardness. Empathy, because there are few things as … [Read More]