Of Superpowers, Great and Small

  “Me and John went to the store earlier today…” “You mean, ‘John and I went to the store…’” “Thanks again, Correcto-man. You little brat.” I remember the conversation like it was yesterday. A bad habit as a child without much social awareness turned quickly into a nickname, and not in a nice way. I, … [Read More]

Of Art and the Hope of Something More

  Another long, white hall stretches out before me. Four openings mark out the entrances into additional exhibit halls, each containing another small collection – Dutch landscapes on the left, a collection of reformation portraits on the right. But before me, a hall… and a question. Why am I even here? I’ve seen this before, … [Read More]

Of Planning – Of Hoping

  Goals. Strategies. Task Lists. There is something about a full calendar that brings me peace. When dreams turn into goals, I find my sweet spot. A vision is cast, and I get to work. A thousand moving pieces do not scare me. There’s always a plan big enough to catch them all. The further … [Read More]