The Dance of Grit, The Dance of Grace.

It’s like a pit in my stomach. I can feel it sit there, unable to be digested. Two weeks. Every minute seems to be filled with a different emotion, making my hours diverse and complicated, making the days exhausting. These fluctuating feelings do not respect my unconscious hours, as they have now begun invading my … [Read More]

Nomads Waiting

Did he know what was coming? Did he have any idea? If he didn’t, how could he hold out that long? How did he endure? It’s been 5 months since I began traveling. It’s been 5 months since I packed up and gave up any concept of “home” I had acquired over the last three … [Read More]

Come Be My Light

It was cold. Though the beginning rays of summer light warmed our skin, there was a distinct hollowness that swept over me as I stepped into that beautiful, sixteenth century cathedral. The walls of stone and stained glass windows seemed to magnify the emptiness of the surprisingly dark interior. This place was once a place … [Read More]