Simple Stories, Shared Stories.

It’s sunsets through shimmering leaves and sitting around the back yard table. The grill is warming up, and you laugh as your hosts are surprised to see a punctual American. It’s quiet and you have spoken a lot of English today, so you are wondering if your brain is going to be able to switch … [Read More]

Sneaking Things

It sneaks up on you, that culture shock thing. You may think it’s happening, but it probably isn’t. You probably don’t think it’s happening, but all of a sudden you’re really sad or really mad or really both all at once and you don’t know why or how… and it’s probably happening. It’s wanting to … [Read More]

One Week In…

Can you age a year in a week? That is all that it has been. One week. One week since I arrived on a plane in Stuttgart, having a cold drizzle welcome me to my new home in Germany. One week since I said goodbye to my friends, family, and way of living in the … [Read More]

Come Be My Light

It was cold. Though the beginning rays of summer light warmed our skin, there was a distinct hollowness that swept over me as I stepped into that beautiful, sixteenth century cathedral. The walls of stone and stained glass windows seemed to magnify the emptiness of the surprisingly dark interior. This place was once a place … [Read More]

Putting Down Roots

“You have to put down roots.” The only thing more troubling that she could have said came next: “And if you are going to put down roots somewhere, that means you cannot hold on to roots elsewhere.” Like an arrow aimed straight at my heart, Michal Ruth’s words cut through my ribs to the tender … [Read More]

Adventures in Being Homeless

It’s been 8 weeks. Lincoln. Chicago. Atlanta. Amsterdam. Tübingen. Lincoln. Denver. Boise. Portland. Corvallis. Salem. Seattle. Sweet Home. Portland. Never more than a few days at each place, everywhere is my home and nowhere is my home. I am homeless. I am wandering. Now, don’t get me wrong, this wandering is not without purpose. I … [Read More]