Of Superpowers, Great and Small

  “Me and John went to the store earlier today…” “You mean, ‘John and I went to the store…’” “Thanks again, Correcto-man. You little brat.” I remember the conversation like it was yesterday. A bad habit as a child without much social awareness turned quickly into a nickname, and not in a nice way. I, … [Read More]

On Loneliness

  Of all the unspoken words in the wild world of language, few quiet a conversation as quickly as “lonely,” “loneliness,” and “alone,” especially when preceded with a confessional “I am…” The utterance of such brings a stillness into a conversation, whether one from empathy or from awkwardness. Empathy, because there are few things as … [Read More]

Coffee Shops

Coffee Shops. There are about a thousand things I want to write about these days, and maybe we’ll get to a few of them eventually. But today, coffee shops. As those who are connected with me via social media are probably well aware, I spend a lot of my life in coffee shops. Like right … [Read More]

Come Be My Light

It was cold. Though the beginning rays of summer light warmed our skin, there was a distinct hollowness that swept over me as I stepped into that beautiful, sixteenth century cathedral. The walls of stone and stained glass windows seemed to magnify the emptiness of the surprisingly dark interior. This place was once a place … [Read More]