Moving On and Walking on Water

It’s never done, is it? This whole “faith” thing, it seems to keep going. You think that just around the corner you’ll be finished, that you’ll reach the point where you “have faith” – But it never comes, does it? “It’s not a destination, Tony. It’s a way of living. It’s the very path you … [Read More]

One Week In…

Can you age a year in a week? That is all that it has been. One week. One week since I arrived on a plane in Stuttgart, having a cold drizzle welcome me to my new home in Germany. One week since I said goodbye to my friends, family, and way of living in the … [Read More]

Confessions of a Control Freak

Control. I like it. Too much. I like being able to know what is coming. I like to know details. I like to be able to change things that I think are harmful. I like doing things ahead of time, so that I don’t get surprised. Anticipation. Preparedness. All seemingly virtuous, desirable characteristics. That is, … [Read More]