In Springtime’s Grip

  Breathe in. Breathe out. Remember, your breath. Don’t lose it in the movement. Your breath is your center, your stability. Sixty minutes of stretching, holding, and balancing, or shall I say, an attempt at such, constituted my first Yoga session. Skeptical and inexperienced, I entered the room at the invite of a friend and the … [Read More]

On Caring for Poinsettias

  Francine began losing her leaves soon after Christmas. She has been a good houseplant, keeping me and my roommates company when we sit at our kitchen table. Her red and green leaves signaled the coming of Christmas, and though she was only intended to live with us for the 6 weeks up till Christmas, … [Read More]

Of Defiance and Starlight

  “Sam struggled with his own weariness, and he took Frodo’s hand; and there he sat silent till deep night fell.”   …till deep night fell. I know those words. I know that world. Another friend is sick, not with a cold. How many more loved ones will face this? How many deaths must we … [Read More]

Of Tantrums and Tiger Eyes

  “We all do it. We may think we’re better than that, but every Adult is really still just a 5 year-old with a wallet and a key ring.” My pride wells up. No way. Not me. Come on, there’s a bit more maturity in me than a 5 year-old. “At some point or another, … [Read More]

On Loneliness

  Of all the unspoken words in the wild world of language, few quiet a conversation as quickly as “lonely,” “loneliness,” and “alone,” especially when preceded with a confessional “I am…” The utterance of such brings a stillness into a conversation, whether one from empathy or from awkwardness. Empathy, because there are few things as … [Read More]